Vol 2, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter
Turk. Econ. Rev. i-iv


Reflections on Chinese Political Economy
Kalim SIDDIQUI 49-87
A critical review of regional economic integration in China
Wang RUI 88-103
Personal Marketing Plan and Its Influence on Employability
Jose G. VARGAS-HERNANDEZ, Rebeca Almanza JIMENEZ 104-110
Growth and Prospects of Agro-Processing Industries in Punjab
Rajiv KHOSLA, Sharanjit S. DHILLON 111-122
Features of Formation of the National Income
Sergey Alexandrovich SURKOV, Ellen G. TROFIMOVA 123-126

Book Review

Sebastiano Fadda, & Pasquale Tridico, (edt.), The Economic Crisis in Social and Institutional Context
Svenja FLECHTNER 127-132
Raoul Beunen, Kristof Van Assche, & Martijn Duineveld, Evolutionary Governance Theory: Theory and Applications
Ming Chien LO 133-136
John Komlos, What Every Economics Student Needs to Know, and Doesn’t Get in the Usual Principles Text
Scott Alan CARSON 137-138

Conference Notes

Anadolu International Conference in Economics (Econanadolu 2015)
Gülçin BEKEN 139-140

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