Vol 4, No 4 (2017)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Soc. Thoug. i-iv


Explaining the Origin of the Anthropocene and Predicting Its Future
Ron W. NIELSEN 354-386
The Effect of Inward Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Chinese Provinces
Hiroyuki TAGUCHI, Yining WANG 387-399
Career strategies of employees of MNC in the globalization reign
Ali ASGHAR, Shahzad ALI, Dawood MAMOON 400-410
Public policies that can be implemented to struggle with celiac disease in Turkey
Alparslan UĞUR 411-423
The psychology theories of waqf-giving behaviors
Shadiya M. BAQUTAYAN, Akbariah M. MAHDZIR 424-432
Society case study: Why formal education is the common goal of human progress
Dawood MAMOON 433-436
Disruptive firms and industrial change
Mario COCCIA 437-450
Trends in globalization of select Asian countries
Sudhanshu K. MISHRA 451-466
The socio-economic and business relationships between Turkish and Nigeria
Ali Yılmaz GÜNDÜZ, Abubakar Muhammad YAHAYA 467-476

Conference Notes

International Congress on Afro-Eurasian Research II
Hikmet MENGÜASLAN 477-478

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