Vol 5, No 2 (2018)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Soc. Thoug. i-iv


Legacies of rational expectations, Lucas’s contributions, and philosophy of time and existence
Hiroaki HAYAKAWA 117-159
Human progress and its socioeconomic effects in society
Mario COCCIA, Matteo BELLITTO 160-178
Debt, equity, universal banking and Islamic finance: A note
Zubair HASAN 179-183
Art, music and science: Economics of inter-stellar travel
Dawood MAMOON 184-186
The political economy of fiscal deficits in the UK
Kalim SIDDIQUI 187-203
Study of institutional characteristics of social capital
Aliaksandr A. CHARNAVALAU, Andrey V. RUBLEVSKY, Pavel A. CHERNOVALOV 204-215
A note on computing the standard errors of estimate of composite index
Sudhanshu K. MISHRA 216-220
Beyond greed and bribes: Economic rational of corruption in Pakistan
Dawood MAMOON 221-222

Book Review

Pierre-AndréChiappori. Matching with Transfers: The Economics of Love and Marriage
Scott Alan CARSON 223-224

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