Human progress and its socioeconomic effects in society



Abstract. The goal of this paper is to suggest a definition of human progress given by: an inexhaustible process driven by an ideal of maximum wellbeing of purposeful people which, on attainment of any of its objectives for increasing wellbeing, then seek another consequential objective. The human progress improves the fundamental life-interests of people represented by health, wealth, expansion of knowledge, technology and freedom directed to increase wellbeing throughout the society. These factors support the acquisition by humanity of better and more complex forms of life. However, this study also shows the inconsistency of the equation economic growth= progress because human progress also generates negative effects for human being, environment and society, such as increasing incidence of cancer in advanced countries. 

Keywords. Human Progress, Economic Growth, Wellbeing, Social Progress, Environmental Degradation, Cancer.

JEL. B50, B59, I00, I10, I30, O10, O30, O33, O40.


Human progress; Economic growth; Wellbeing; Social progress; Environmental degradation; Cancer.

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