Vol 3, No 2 (2016)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Lib. i-iv


Did Keynes Make His Case?
Clark JOHNSON 214-225
Disaggregated Credit Extension and Financial Distress in South Africa
Leroi RAPUTSOANE 226-240
Puzzling Properties of the Historical Growth Rate of Income Per Capita Explained
Ron W. NIELSEN 241-256
The Cost of Low Inflation in Case of Pakistan
Zobia BHATTI, Abdul QAYYUM 257-268
Are Constitutional States Able to Drive the Global Technological Change?
Krzysztof WASNIEWSKI 269-287
Equity Forecast: Predicting Long Term Stock Price Movement using Machine Learning
Nikola MILOSEVIC 288-294
Economic Progress as Related Sets of Non-Repeating Eclipses
Voxi Heinrich AMAVILAH 295-302
An Alternative Framework for Time Series Decomposition and Forecastingand its Relevance for Portfolio Choice – A Comparative Study of the Indian Consumer Durable and Small Cap Sectors
Jaydip SEN, Tamal DATTA CHAUDHURI 303-326
Analysis of the Unanticipated Factors in Portfolio Inflows to Indonesia: A SVAR Approach: 2001-2012
Insukindro INSUKINDRO, Arti ADJI, Aryo ALIYUDANTO 327-341

Book Review

Rögnvaldur Hannesson, Ecofundamentalism: A Critique of Extreme Environmentalism
Hannes H. GISSURARSON 342-346
Donatello Strangio & Giuseppe Sancetta (Eds.), Italy in a European Context: Research in Business, Economics, and the Environment
Nicola CUCARI 347-352
Peter Murphy, Universities and Innovation Economies: The Creative Wasteland of Post-Industrial Society
Wayne CRISTAUDO 353-358

Conference Notes

24th National Conference on Management and Organization
Şerife DEMİRELLİ 359-361

New Economics Books

New Economics Books
Journal of Economics Library 362-410

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