Vol 6, No 4 (2019)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
Turk. Econ. Rev. i-iv


Integration of economic intelligence and knowledge management in the decision-making process
Ahmed HACHICHA, Mouna BEKRI 250-266
Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon: Can indirect tax play a crucial role?
Rodrigue Nobosse TCHOFFO, Guivis Zeufack NKEMGHA, Tadzong Mouafo PAUL 267-293
Intra-regional trade facilitation: A comparative analysis between ECCAS and ECOWAS
Bertrand Ronie NGUENKWE, Jean TCHITCHOUA 294-312
Does the exchange rate influence the exports? Evidence from Bangladesh
Md. Gias Uddin KHAN, Susmita CHOWDHURY, Syed AZDAAN 313-319
Does social development increase the happiness level? Evidence from global panel data
Isma SAMREEN, Muhammad Tariq MAJEED 320-334
Adoption of Islamic finance for SMEs and very small enterprises in Morocco
Mahdi SATTAR, Faris HAMZA, Adil MOGHAR 335-352

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