The Effect of Political Crisis Between Countries on International Trade and International Logistics: A Qualitative Study on Turkey-Russia Relations

Celil DURDAĞ, Şafak Ümit DENİZ, Çağla ÖZSOY, Sevda SARGIN


International trade and international logistics operations, which rose due to changes in international trade are exactly affected by fluctuations in cross-country political, economic and socio-cultural relations. Leading effects of conflicts which countries sometimes experience especially in the political arena manifests itself primarily by affecting foreign trade firms working with concerned countries and international logistics firms negatively. The study aims to identify the consequences that could reveal for international trade and logistics sector of politically strained Turkey-Russia relations recently by focusing mainly on road transportation. In order to accomplish its purpose, the study describes results of political tensions between two countries by making in-depth interviews with representatives of international trade and logistics firms working with Russia in Turkey in the light of opinion of sector representatives. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the answers acquired from in depth interviews with the foreign trade and international logistics companies that makes business with Russia by using content analysis and to clarify the effects of the political tension.

Keywords: Political Relations, Political Crisis, International Trade, International Logistics.

JEL Class.: F14, O11, P16.


Political Relations, Political Crisis, International Trade, International Logistics.

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