: J. Econ. Soc. Thoug. (JEST) Call for Papers

Journal of Economic and Social Thought (JEST: 2149 - 0422) has being started publication in December 2014. JEST will be an quarterly journal and will be published regularly in every March, June, September and December. JEST makes publication of the paper which are in its publication topics (Economy, sociology, politics, culture, economics, management, international relation, accounting, business management and public administration Financial Economy, Applied Economy, Management Economy, Working Economy, Econometrics, etc...) and makes careful editorial investigation and uses blind-peer-review process. JEST accepts papers only in international area and, with care, enroll its each issue in indexes. With this, paper in it become more accessible to international audience.

JEST is overly sensitive for plagiarism and has zero tolerance about it. It uses any available method against plagiarism.

Publication language of JEST is in English. However, depending on the decision of Editor or the suggestions of Editorial committee, qualified papers might be published in Turkish with a percentage up to 30 percent. Also this quota can be used for publication of the Turkish versions of papers with great contributions to the Economy.

Editorial committee of JEST consists of worldwide well-known economists. Each of them joined JEST with academic voluntary principle. JEST takes its power from these well-known and eminent economists form all over the world. So editorial committee of JEST is determined according to JEL codes in which economy topics are sorted.

All submissions are being done and accepted on the web page of JEST. No submission with e-mail will be accepted. E-mail will only be used to exchange of information. Evaluation process of a paper prepared according to JEST publication principles will at most take 7 weeks composed of 1 week of Editorial and 6 weeks of referee evaluation. An accepted paper will be added to publication list of the closest issue to its acceptance date. For the papers anticipating a “Correction”, it is assumed that the author will make the corrections in 2 weeks.

Please examine the first issue and Editorial Board of JEST. This will give you information about JEST.

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