Vol 4, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Pol. Econ. i-iv


Artificial Intelligence and Urbanization: The Rise of the Elysium City
J. Mark MUNOZ, Al NAQVI 1-13
Capital Liberalisation and Economic Instability
Kalim SIDDIQUI 14-32
Metropolitan Business Cycle Analysis for Lubbock
Thomas M. FULLERTON, Macie Z. SUBIA 33-52
Analysis of Asymmetries in the Tax-Spending Nexus in Burundi
Arcade NDORICIMPA 53-70
Oil Price and Real GDP Growth of Ecuador: A Vector Autoregressive Approach
Jesser PALADINES 71-78
An Employer of Last Resort Scheme which Resembles a Free Labour Market
Ralph S. MUSGRAVE 79-87
Optimal Equilibrium State in Two-Sector Growth Model
Pete YASHIN 88-106
Employment Generation among Women in NREGS: A Synthesis on the basis of Micro Level Field Investigation
Amit KUNDU, Sanjib TALUKDAR 107-120
Aleksandr Viktor CHERNOVALOV, Pavel Viktor CHERNOVALOV 121-126

Book Review

Igglesis Nikos, The Revolution of Grexit: The Plan
Dionysios K. SOLOMOS, Dimitrios KOUMPAROULIS 127-128


Transnational Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Investment Banker Jose Goldner
J. Mark MUNOZ 129-134

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