Vol 5, No 4 (2018)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Library i-iv


The future of economic growth in the World’s largest economies
Ron William NIELSEN 301-320
Measurement of the effects of capital structure in enterprises on the probability of bankruptcy: A research on the enterprises traded in the BIST industrial index
Gökhan ÖZER, Ali Korhan ÖZEN 321-336
An introduction to the theories of institutional change
Mario COCCIA 337-344
African emerging economies: The leading economies of Africa in the 21st Century
Abdulkadir Wahab AMAN, Feride GÖNEL, Zeynep KAPLAN, Hasan KARADUMAN 345-357
An analysis on the housing price channel: The case of BRICT
Seyfettin ERDOĞAN, Derya MERCAN, Ayfer GEDİKLİ 358-370
An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Bank Credit on the Manufacturing Sector Output in Nigeria (1986 - 2016)
Sunday ELIJAH 371-382
Triadic explanation of public services marketing
Edouard V. NOVATOROV 383-406

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