Vol 5, No 2 (2018)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Library i-iv


Competition between basic and applied research in the organizational behaviour of public research labs
Mario COCCIA 118-133
An analysis of Qatar and Dubai’s Currency Board (1966-1973)
Saksham BHANDARI 134-145
Gender economics and Islam: Case of Marital Law in Pakistan
Dawood MAMOON 146-148
Interest rates volatility and its consequences on stock returns: The case study from Amman Stock Exchange, Jordan
Nada I. Abu ALJARAYESH, Lama K. ASFOUR, Shadi Y. Al-ABDALLAH 149-160
Trade openness and economic growth in East African Community economies: A panel causality test
Zakayo S. KISAVA, Godwin A. MYOVELLA 161-168
Economic growth, foreign direct investment and governance oscillation: Empirical evidence from SAARC economies (1996-2015)
Maryam NASIR, Raza Ali KHAN, Maham FATIMA 169-187
Managed the economy: Now time to manage the peace in Middle East
Dawood MAMOON 188-189
Four novels on the theory of economic growth
Dimitrios Nikolaou KOUMPAROULIS 190-199

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