Vol 3, No 2 (2016)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Bib. i-iv


After the Financial Crisis: Reforms and Reform Options for Finance, Regulation and Institutional Structure
Hansjörg HERR 172-202
Financial Stress Indicator Variables and Monetary Policy in South Africa
Leroi RAPUTSOANE 203-214
Islamic Tourism Development in Cirebon: The Study Heritage Tourism in Islamic Economic Perspective
Aan JAELANI 215-235
Taxpayers Subsidise Private Money Creation
Ralph S. MUSGRAVE 236-246
Emisssion and Energy: A Catch 22
Jan-Erik LANE 247-264
Graphic Explanation for Welfare Economic Foundation of Hoarding Loss
Shinji MIURA 265-289
A Preliminary Model of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy
Nidal A.H.M. Al SAYYED, Weihang ZHU 290-297
On Monetary Policy, Unemployment, and Economic Growth
Victor H. ROSAS MARTINEZ 298-311
Risks and Risk Management in Agri-food Chains
Hrabrin I. BACHEV 312-357

Book Review

Martin Qaim, Genetically Modified Crops and Agricultural Development
Stuart SMYTH 358-363
K. V. Ramaswamy (Edt.), Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India
Arup MITRA 364-367

Conference Notes

2nd International Congress on Economics and Business – New Economic Trends and Business Opportunities
Nazlı ARIK 368-369

New Economics Journals

New Economics Journals
Journal of Economics Bibliography 370-379

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