Vol 3, No 1S (2016)

April - Special Issue; Logistics: Economy and Management

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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Bib. i-iv


An Experimental Research on Closed Loop Supply Chain Management with Internet of Things
Turan PAKSOY, İsmail KARAOĞLAN, Hadi GÖKÇEN, Panos M. PARDALOS, Belkıs TORĞUL 1-20
Evaluating Current Logistics Facilities with Analytical Hyepapchy Process (AHP) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Ramazan DERVİŞ, Mehmet ERBAŞ, Zafer A. ÖZTÜRK, Pınar GÜROL 21-29
An Application Related to Logistics Social Responsibility Evaluation with DEMATEL and ELECTRE Methods
İskender PEKER 30-40
Multiple Criteria Inventory Classification for Storage Assignment and a Case Study
Umut Fırat TUZKAYA, Behlül ŞENER 40-49
A Decision Support Model Suggestion for Logistics Support Unit in Risky Environment
Mustafa AĞDAŞ, Özer EROĞLU 50-62
Hazardous Materials Warehouse Selection as a Multiple Criteria Decision making Problem
Fırat SEZER, Özkan BALİ, Pınar GÜROL 63-73
Selection of Logistics Center Location with MOORA Method for Black Sea Region of Turkey
Coşkun HAMZAÇEBİ, Gül İMAMOĞLU, Ahmet ALÇI 74-82

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