King, Fuller and Dworkin on natural law and hard cases

Muhammad Mustafa RASHID


Abstract. The debate between natural law and positivist law has been received much attention. Ronald Dworkin exposes the limitation of positivist law through the argument of hard cases. This argument is furthered strengthened when we apply the interpretation of Martin Luther King Jr and the voluntarist natural law tradition, and Lon Fuller’s ‘procedural view’ and the application of the ‘principles of legality’.

Keywords. Natural Law, Positivist Law, Hard Cases, Ronald Dworkin, Lon Fuller, Martin Luther King Jr.

JEL. B40, K1, K4, K40, L6, M10, P00, P16, Z12, Z18.


Natural Law; Positivist Law; Hard Cases; Ronald Dworkin; Lon Fuller; Martin Luther King Jr.

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