Health and economic outcomes of COVID 19



Abstract. The paper undertakes a detailed analysis of health and economic outcomes of COVID 19 pandemic. The paper explains the need for governments to implement steps like partial lock downs in major metropolitans of the world to safe guard the public and contain the outbreak. The paper discusses the economic risks and opportunities for both developed and developing countries due to this ongoing pandemic. There is a risk of a recession and thus the author presents few steps that the governments and institutions of international governance can take to prevent a steep trough in business cycle. For a country like Pakistan, economic response to the pandemic may also include improvement of regional ties, especially with neighboring India; creating thriving domestic economy by promoting entrepreneurship and further strengthening domestic and regional commerce.

Keywords. Health economics, Pandemic, Economic outcomes, Covid-19.

JEL. H51, H75, I00, I30.


Health economics; Pandemic; Economic outcomes, Covid-19.

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