On the academic making of Dr. Narmadeshwar Jha

Sudhanshu K. MISHRA


Abstract. Narmadeshwar Jha was an economist in India who specialized on the economics of Alfred Marshall. Jha passed his MA from Patna University and did his Ph.D. in the University of Leeds, UK. He wrote his well-known book titled “The Age of Marshall: Aspects of British Economic Thought, 1890-1915”. This paper makes an attempt to investigate the academic influences on Jha making him what he was. 

Keywords. Narmadeshwar Jha, Bhagalpur University, Alfred Marshall, University of Leeds, A.J. Brown.

JEL. A23, B13, B31, B41.


Narmadeshwar Jha; Bhagalpur University; Alfred Marshall; University of Leeds; A.J. Brown

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1453/jest.v5i3.1693


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