What defines national interest for India and Pakistan: Economy, politics or religion?



Abstract. Recent political history of India suggests that religion has become a dominant force in country’s politics.  Here lies the irony the world has put a deaf year to by still accepting India as being secular democracy instead of a country dominated by Hindu identity. This Hindu identity defines India’s security agenda as well as its relationship with the world. Country like US is comfortable with India under every President irrespective of being a Republican or a Democrat. 

Keywords. South Asia, Politics, Religion.

JEL. A10.


South Asia; Politics; Religion.

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Murshed, S.M. & Mamoon, D. (2010). On the costs of not loving thy neighbor as thyself: The trade and military expenditure explanations behind India-Pakistan rivalry, Journal of Peace Research, 47(4), 463-476. doi. 10.1177/0022343310364577

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1453/jest.v5i3.1667


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