Vol 6, No 3 (2019)


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Front Matter

Front Matter
J. Econ. Pol. Econ. i-iv


A simple model explaining the interaction between special interest spending and voter choices
Austin MURPHY 201-226
Happy 20th birthday Euro: An integrated analysis of the stability status in the Eurozone’s equity markets
Bachar FAKHRY 227-256
The Classical and Neoclassical theoretical traditions and the evolutionary study of the dynamics of globalization
Charis VLADOS 257-280
The behaviour of imports in Cameroon: An analysis through the equilibrium and disequilibrium models
Elie NGONGANG 281-294
Pak-Japan comparative study of consumption tax (value added tax) and its effects on economic growth rate and gross savings
Shahid Hussain DAHRI, Naveed SHAIKH, Parveen SHAH 295-303

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